The presence of the digital world captures real life. Social networks are the new places to meet and operate in, pornography sites and dating platforms have become the convenient way to meet our social niceties. We track our bodies functions during sleep, purchase material goods and communicate through a digital platform.

The digitized world has become reality as companies market their products for a 21st century consumer.

What if we change the roots of reality – it’s code? Coded image manipulation can lead to serious damage of the original, called ‘the glitch’. Any change in the code produces a new glitch on canvas.


digital fine art prints
augmented reality in cooperation with Artivive

oil and acrylic paintings
augmented reality in cooperation with Artivive


ARCC.at #2 Afterwork
2017.03.08 – 2017.03.18
Augmented reality art with Artivive
aiserstraße 76, 1070 Wien

Ochs & Esel, Wintermarkt CREAU
2016.12.10 – 2016.12.18
digital fineart prints, paintings, drawings
Meiereistraße / Ecke Krieau

Glitch à la card
2016.10.14 – 2016.11.25
multimedia, painting
Zum schwarzen Schaf / Vienna, Austria

Das Werk auf Sommerfrische
2016.09.02 – 2016.10.02
multimedia, painting
Deutschvilla / Strobl, Austria

Kunst am Kanal
2016.08.12 – 2016.08.15
portable expo
Kunst und Kulturzentrum Werk / Vienna, Austria

Expanding Boarders
2015.12.04 – NOW
Schwelle 7 /  Vienna, Austria

Under Pressure
2015.07.02 – 2015.07.09
Glitch on Canvas, paintings
Nest Agentur – Zwischennutzung Bank Austria / 1090 Vienna, Austria

World Book Design 2012-13
2012.11.30– 2013.02.28
The Rush-Syndrome Printing Museum, Tokyo

Die Schönsten Bücher Österreich
Das Eilsyndrom (The Rush-Syndrome)
2012 Auszeichnung
Vienna, London, Amsterdam, Leipzig

Malereiausstellung der Meisterschule
der Graphischen

2012.06.18.– 2012.06.12
Novomatic Forum / 1010 Vienna

Diplomausstellung Meisterklasse
2012.06.18– 2012.06.30
diploma project: The Rush-Syndrome
Albertina, Vienna

Spurensuche Sibiu – Wien
2012.04.13– 2012.04.22
Video, book design, prints
MQ Designforum, Vienna


Litto is a visual artist based in Vienna, Austria. She has her master’s in Business Administration and studied her true passion Communication Design. After years of experience crafting her skills as a User Experience and Web Designer, she pursued her passion full time in art.

She plays with different mediums from digital to analogue. In most of her current work she uses this RGB color palette as a reference of our digitalized world. Glitch and errors are her inspiration.

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